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Career Coaching



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1:1 Private Coaching Sessions


Starting a career journey can be challenging and isolating all at the same time. But know you are not alone. It might be time for private coaching if:


  • You're just not sure where to get started or how to begin your journey? 

  • You are finding it hard to know where to go and how to do it? 

  • You have never even networked before. 

  • You are experiencing decision paralysis

Work with Leena 1 on 1 to:

  • General coaching 

  • Role guidance and fit

  • Resume and LinkedIn audit and support

  • Job search strategy

  • Mock/interview prep and sessions

Free Resource Guide

Sometimes we just aren't sure where to even begin. Leena has put together a full guided resource guide on how to get started, level up your resume and even options to upskill. 

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