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Zoe Dayan
SEO Manager

Leena is the kind of worker every company dreams of. She is a go-getter by all accounts and completes every project to the maximum. I have never seen a harder worker who truly cares. She is an expert at time management and always stays on task. Her interpersonal, writing and professional skills transfer into her being an amazing sales manager. Everyone who meets Leena loves her and wants to work with her.


Daniella Latham
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Leena is an extremely versatile and well-rounded professional, with deep experience in EdTech, marketing, curriculum and content design, sales, training and events. She's diligent, reliable and resourceful. I believe Leena would be an asset to any company, as she's always able to go above and beyond. 

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Calley Hood
Instructional Designer/ Author

I met Leena several months ago in a social media group. She has been such a big help to me with my job search. She has set aside her own personal time to mentor me via phone, emails, and video meetings. I am so thankful for her support as I find a new career path. She had helped me believe in myself and build confidence.

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